About mrsloomisPhD

I am an accidental artist. I am an on-purpose teacher. I was terrible at art when I was in school. and I said more times than I can count, "I will NEVER be a teacher." God, in His divine sense of humor, has made sure I am now both artist and teacher. Thirty years after earning my first teaching credential I earned a Ph.D. in teaching and learning, majoring in language and literacy. I still work to creatively merge art as text into my research. I am passionate about my Lord, my family, my dogs, music, and naps. I love photography, digital art, running, and just BEING. God is good, and I am blessed.

Divas with a Cause


Diva with a Cause

Because Divas have all the fun

divas4bAre these ladies stunning or what? They are vocalists who have come together to bring attention to causes that are closest to their hearts: brain cancer, kidney disease, Wounded Warrior Project, scoliosis, and domestic violence recovery. Checkout their website (http://www.divaswithacause.com/) and be sure to find them where ever they sing.